Pak confirms ratification of 3 agreements with India

Islamabad: Pakistan's Acting President Nayyar Hussain Bokhari on Thursday confirmed the government's ratification of three agreements signed with India on cooperation in custom matters, quality control and redressing trade grievances.

The Cooperation and Mutual Assistance in Customs Matters Agreement, Bilateral Cooperation Agreement on Mutual Recognition between the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority and Bureau of Indian Standards, and the Agreement on Redressal of Trade Grievances were signed during talks between the Commerce Secretaries in Islamabad in September.

Bokhari, who is also the chairman of the Senate or the upper house of parliament, confirmed the ratification of a MoU on Cultural Cooperation between the Pakistan National Council of Arts and Indian Council for Cultural Relations that was signed in September.

The cabinet had ratified the agreements on October 31.

The Foreign Ministry had subsequently requested the Prime Minister to forward the instruments of ratification for the President's approval.

Acting on the advice of the Prime Minister, the Acting President confirmed the ratification of the agreements, officials said.