Obama seeking re-election on his record

Washington: US President Barack Obama, would seek re-election based on his record and vision, a presidential spokesman said today.

"The President ran for this office four years ago. He put forward himself and his record and his vision. Voters evaluated his record, who he is and his positions and his vision and elected him to this office. And he`s running again, again on his record and his vision," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, told reporters.

"Voters make their decisions and weigh a lot of criteria, and it would not be for him or for us to tell voters what should matter and what shouldn`t. But this president is focused on the job he`s doing, the record that he`s compiled, the vision he has for the future," he said.

Next week, Obama would deliver his fourth State of the Union Address to the Congress.

"He`ll be speaking about that within the context of the State of the Union address, the things that he believes we need to do working with Congress, the things that he can do using his executive authority to continue to recover from this terrible recession, to strengthen American security, and to build a foundation for America to, as we`ve said in the past, win the future, win the 21st century," Carney said.

Carney said Obama will run his campaign.

"He, because of the support he has within his own party, is fortunate enough not to face a primary contest. That is a good thing because he has so much work to do for the American people as President," he said.

"He`ll engage in the campaign, obviously, as the months pass here, with more frequency. And certainly once the Republican Party chooses its nominee, that frequency will intensify," he said.

But right now Obama is focused on the things that he can do, the things that Washington can do, Congress working with the administration.

"Those will be what he`ll be talking about. Those are the kinds of things that he`ll be talking about in this State of the Union address," he said.