Nuclear assets, guarantee of national security: Pak

Islamabad: Pakistan is determined to safeguard its nuclear assets which are a guarantee of national security, Lt Gen (retired) Khalid Kidwai, who heads the organisation that safeguards the country`s nuclear arsenal, said today.

Kidwai made the remarks after witnessing the field training and exercises of the Special Response Force of the Strategic Plans Division (SPD) at a facility on the Potohar plateau near Islamabad.

Addressing the officers and soldiers of the Special Response Force, Kidwai expressed satisfaction over the demonstrated standards of the force. He reiterated "Pakistan`s determination to safeguard nuclear assets, which are a guarantee of national security", a military statement said.

Kidwai said only the "highest state of readiness will deter threats". He congratulated the trainees and trainers on their "excellent standards while undergoing realistic and strenuous training".

The SPD`s Director General (Security), Maj Gen Muhammad Tahir, and other field commanders also attended the event.

The Pakistani military had announced last year that it would induct an additional 8,000 personnel in the Strategic Plans Division to deter "all types of threats" to the country`s nuclear weapons and materials. Hundreds of personnel have completed their training since then.