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Washington: Noting that America`s efforts are heavily focused on security in nuclear-armed Pakistan, a group of eminent US experts have called for a substantial revamp of the country`s approach towards Islamabad to make aid development oriented.

"The United States is way off course in Pakistan. It`s heavily focused on security while neglecting low-cost, low-risk investments in jobs, growth, and the long haul of democracy building," said Nancy Birdsall, president of the Washington-based Centre for Global Development, which released a report on Pakistan prepared by eminent US and Pakistani development experts.

The report says that the administration`s integrated `Af-Pak` approach -- lumping Pakistan together with Afghanistan in policy deliberations and bureaucratic lines of authority -- has "muddled" the Pakistan development mission.

Similarly, "the integration of development, diplomacy, and defence has...left the programme without a clear, focused mandate.

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