Indian arrested for filming UAE man assaulting a compatriot

Dubai: An Indian who filmed a senior Emirati official assaulting another Indian has been arrested by the police for uploading the video online that has now gone viral.

The 22-year-old Indian who recorded the footage and posted it on YouTube was arrested by the police and is being questioned, 7Days newspaper reported.

Police said the official's family had complained that the video-maker defamed their relative and filmed him without permission.

The senior Emirati government official who is accused of carrying out the assault has been referred to the courts.

The video shows the official repeatedly hitting an Indian van driver with his agal and punching him. Eventually, a passer-by intervenes to break things up.

Eyewitnesses said the Indian driver had accidentally cut in and hit his attacker's Lexus SUV.

The recording was posted on YouTube on Monday and went viral, with many viewers reporting it to police, urging the force to take action, the daily reported.

The man who took the clip said before his arrest on Tuesday, "I didn't plan to film it but I just felt like something was about to happen, so I switched on my camera.

"After I went home, I wasn't sure if I should share it. But then I just thought to myself, 'no one will ever know it happened. At least this way everyone would see it".

General Khamis Mattar Al Muzaina, deputy director of Dubai Police, said, "They (the official's family) are accusing him of defamation and insult. No one has the right to record any person without his permission. This man should have presented the video to police to investigate, not put it on the internet".

The official is in custody and faces a charge of minor assault. The videomaker continues to be questioned. He has not yet had any charges laid against him, Khamis said.

Under UAE law, the minor assault charge could potentially earn the official one year in jail and a maximum fine of Dhs10,000 if found guilty.

Recording without permission and defaming a person can result in a two-year sentence and Dhs20,000 if convicted, while abusing the privacy of a person and taking pictures or video without permission and putting it on internet can result in a six-month jail term.