I worry about Pakistan, says Condoleezza Rice

London: Former US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice on Sunday today said Pakistani government is showing no signs of urgency in dealing with extremists and that she worries "a great deal" about Pakistan.

She however called Iran the "single-most dangerous" country in the world. Speaking on the BBC`s Andrew Marr show this morning, Rice, who has published a new book titled `No Higher Honor: A Memoir of My Years in Washington`, said that in security terms, Iran and Pakistan were the countries that she most worried about.

"I worry a great deal about Pakistan. I just don`t think there is the urgency on the part of the Pakistani government to deal with extremists among the various institutions there. I worry about those hotspots," she said.

In her book, Rice, who was witness to several key decisions after September 11 and its impact across the world, also dwells on the US nuclear deal with India, and the tensions generated on the India-Pakistan border after the Mumbai terror attacks.