Egypt to hold parliamentary election in September

Cairo: Egypt will hold its first parliamentary elections since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak in September this year, the ruling Army announced today, but did not give any date for holding the presidential polls.

"The legislative elections will be held in September," said General Mamduh Shahin of the supreme military council that has been ruling Egypt since February 11 when Mubarak quit after over two weeks of relentless protests against his regime.

The council also said that it will lift emergency laws before the vote.

"We have said before that parliamentary or presidential polls will not be held while emergency law is still in force," he added.

However, no date has yet been decided for the holding of presidential elections in the country where the 30-year iron-fisted rule of Mubarak was thrown out by a mass uprising.

Shahin said a date for the next presidential election will be announced later, according to Al Arabiya news channel.

Following the stepping down of Mubarak, the military had taken over the reins of the government and promised to hold free and fair elections before transferring power to an elected government.

Shaheen said the new parties would need the approval of 5,000 members from at least 10 of Egypt`s 29 provinces.

The parties now have five months to organise and prepare for what is expected to be Egypt`s first free and fair parliamentary elections.

The military council has also approved a law that eases restrictions on the formation of political parties.