Don’t act big in Pakistan, Chinese enterprises told

Beijing: Chinese-funded enterprises doing business in Pakistan should avoid flaunting economic and technical superiority and instead value the common interests of both countries, Chinese experts have said.

Wu Menglin, an associate researcher, and Liang Haiming, chairman and chief economist with China Silk Road iValley Research Institute, said in a state-run Global Times article that the Chinese-funded enterprises need to watch while investing in Pakistan.

The article came amid persistent Pakistani media reports that Chinese investments in Pakistan related to the Belt and Road initiative “do not simply reflect the Sino-Pakistan friendship or represent pure assistance to Pakistan but are instead driven by China’s interests”.

The experts said that Chinese-funded enterprises should hire more local workers and gradually export technology to Pakistan.

The companies were also told to take the initiative to learn and master the local system and culture, positively interact with the local community and never ignore issues related to labour welfare, security and environmental protection.

In addition, Chinese enterprises were advised to cooperate with local private companies.

“Only then can these investments gradually be approved and accepted by the local people, allowing Chinese-funded enterprises to develop more smoothly and quickly.”

Wu and Liang also advised Chinese-funded enterprises to “avoid flaunting economic and technical superiority in any context or situation”.

“Chinese companies should avoid superior behaviour and instead communicate with the people of Pakistan in an equal, friendly and cooperative manner.

“Doing so will give China a better image and help build harmonious coexistence for Chinese-funded enterprises investing in Pakistan,” the article said.