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Clinton should look into Biswas case: Lawyer

New York: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should look into the matter of an Indian diplomat`s teenage daughter, who was wrongfully arrested on the suspicion of sending obscene emails to her teacher, the girl`s lawyer has said.

"She (Clinton) has an obvious right and power to be involved in a matter where there is obvious misconstruction of the Vienna Convention," Ravi Batra, the lawyer in the Kirittika Biswas case, told PTI, referring to the agreement that governs consular relations between countries.

"She understands national security interest and public safety and there is a certain courtesy extended among nations," he said.

18-year-old Biswas, who is suing the New York City government for USD 1.5 million for her wrongful arrest on the suspicion of sending obscene emails to her teacher in Queens` John Browne high school, is the daughter of the Indian Vice Consul General here.

Batra has written to Clinton with details about the case, which has been widely covered by the media.

Biswas says that she was handcuffed and led out of her school on February 8.

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