31 militants killed in Pakistan air strikes

Islamabad: At least 31 militants were killed in Pakistan when jet fighters targeted militant hideouts in Koki Khel area of Tirah Valley Sunday, Dawn online reported cited an ISPR statement.

“Four terrorist hideouts and a suicide bomber training centre were destroyed. 31 terrorists including some suicide bombers were killed,” the statement said.

The army intensified its offensives in the tribal areas after the Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) massacred 150 people, including 140 school children in the Army public school Peshawar Dec 16.

The military has been targeting Taliban and Lashkar-i-Islam militants in the region since Oct 2014.

Tirah is part of Pakistan’s restive Khyber tribal region where a number of air strikes have been launched against militant hideouts in the recent months.

The area is part of Pakistan’s semi-autonomous tribal belt on the Afghanistan border.
The Taliban and other Al Qaeda-linked groups, who stage attacks in both countries, are known to have strongholds in the zone.