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WHO Tobacco Cessation Consortium
Global Tobacco Cessation: At WHO Summit, Policy leader Charudutta expounds need to wipe out the epidemic

A WHO report has established that every year, tobacco costs the world 600 million trees, 20 lakh hectares of land, 22 billion tonnes of water. In addition to this, it releases 84 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere which is equivalent to one-fifth of what is produced by the airline industry.

  • Friday, 28 October 2022
Omicron BA.2 Subvariant Likely To Spread Globally: WHO

Dr. Abdi Mahamud, the WHO's Covid incident manager, said it's unclear whether BA.2 can reinfect people who previously had BA.1, the report said.

  • Wednesday, 09 February 2022
How Much School-Ready Is Odisha
Odisha Unlocks Schools From Feb 7: Know How School-Ready Is The State

Schools with high students-to-classroom ratio, adhering to physical distancing norms and indoor masking when day time temperature is set to rise from Feb end, regular screening test mandatory, says CDC

  • Thursday, 03 February 2022
Why Unlike Delhi and TN, Odisha Didn't impose Weekend Curfew?
Positive Rate Explosive In Khordha, Balasore, Sundargarh: Know Why Odisha Govt Doesn't Impose Sunday Curfew?

Delhi, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu have imposed weekend curfew and many other measures. However, weekend shutdown alongside Panchayat poll will sound doublespeak in Odisha

  • Thursday, 20 January 2022
Why Odisha Vulnerable To Omicron?
Absence Of TaqPath Test In Odisha Heightens Omicron Risk

Odisha's Covid Policy needs a change. The fight out plan has to include RTPCR tests that are variant detectors

  • Saturday, 04 December 2021
India Likely To Achieve 30% Reduction In Tobacco Use By 2025: WHO

The number of tobacco users have decreased globally to 1.30 billion in 2020 from 1.32 billion in 2015. This is expected to continue to drop to 1.27 billion by 2025

  • Wednesday, 17 November 2021
WHO To Take Final Decision On Approval To Covaxin Next Week
WHO To Take Final Decision On Approval To Covaxin Next Week

WHO & an independent group of experts are scheduled to meet next week to carry out the risk/benefit assessment and come to a final decision whether to grant Emergency Use Listing to Covaxin.

  • Tuesday, 05 October 2021
Poorer Nations Short Of Covid-19 Vaccine Supply: WHO

Of the 80 low-income countries involved in Covax, "at least half of them do not have sufficient vaccines to be able to sustain their programmes right now", Aylward said, at a WHO briefing in Geneva on Monday.

  • Tuesday, 22 June 2021
COVID-19: WHO Recommends 10 Basic Preventive Measures

Geneva: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has outlined 10 basic personal prevention measures against COVID-19, including cleaning hands and surfaces regularly and avoiding travelling when having a fever or cough. “Your risk depends on where you live, your age and general health. WHO can provide general guidance. You should also follow your national guidance and […]

  • Monday, 19 April 2021
WHO chief
Europe Now Epicentre Of Coronavirus, says WHO

New Delhi: Europe is now the “epicentre” of the global coronavirus pandemic, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday. His comments came as several countries in Europe reported steep rises in the number of infections and deaths. Spain is now the worst affected after Italy. On Friday, Spain […]

  • Sunday, 18 April 2021
Column: ‘Lockdown’ Isn’t Such A Terrible Thing After All!

By Sandeep Sahu Come to think of it! The 21-day countrywide ‘lockdown’ in force since March 23 hasn’t been such a terrible thing after all! Please have patience as I explain just how!! Cut back to the first week of May, 2019 and imagine the state we, the people who had the misfortune of living […]

  • Sunday, 18 April 2021
WHO's Safety Review Of AstraZeneca Vaccine Underway

Geneva: The World Health Organization (WHO) said that it was still conducting its safety review of the AstraZeneca/Oxford Covid-19 vaccine as more European countries have suspended the use of this jab following reports that some recipients developed blood clots and died after being inoculated. Since March 12, “several countries have suspended the use of AstraZeneca […]

  • Saturday, 03 April 2021
Global COVID Cases Continue To Rise For 4th Week: WHO

Geneva: The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases have continued to increase globally for a fourth consecutive week. In the week ending March 21, nearly 3.3 million new cases were reported globally, Xinhua news agency quoted the WHO as saying in its latest update issued on Wednesday. Four […]

  • Friday, 02 April 2021