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Tag: Us Space Agency

NASA Offers $1Mn For Innovative Ideas To Feed Astronauts
NASA Offers $1Mn For Innovative Ideas To Feed Astronauts

NASA now invites both new and existing teams to enter Phase 2 for a prize purse up to $1 million.

NASA Engineers Build Low-Cost Ventilator To Fight COVID-19

Washington: NASA engineers have designed a new low-cost high-pressure ventilator tailored specifically to treat COVID-19 patients. The device, called VITAL (Ventilator Intervention Technology Accessible Locally), passed a critical test on April 21 at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York — an epicentre of COVID-19 in the United States, NASA said […]

NASA To Study Previously Unopened Apollo Sample

Washington: As NASA plans to return humans to the Moon in 2024, scientists opened an untouched rock and soil sample from the Moon returned to Earth as part of the the US space agency’s final mission of the Apollo programme. The sample, opened on Tuesday, was collected on the Moon by Apollo 17 astronauts Gene […]

3 US firms chosen to help NASA land US astronauts on Moon

Washington: The US space agency has awarded a total of $254 million to three companies to land their machines on the lunar surface, paving the way for NASA astronauts to land on the Moon by 2024. The three companies are: Astrobotic of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Intuitive Machines of Houston, Texas; and Orbit Beyond of Edison, New […]

NASA selects 11 US firms to build human lunar landers

Washington: The US space agency NASA has selected 11 companies including Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, Elon Musk’s SpaceX to develop prototypes of human landers for its Artemis lunar exploration programme. NASA aims to put the first woman on the Moon’s south pole by 2024 and establish sustainable missions by 2028. “To accelerate our return to […]

NASA's new space telescope to explore origins of universe

Washington: US space agency NASA has unveiled a new space telescope that would begin a two-year mission in 2023 to look for life’s ingredients and probe how the universe evolved. The Spectro-Photometer for the History of the Universe, Epoch of Reionisation and Ices Explorer (SPHEREx) mission is a planned two-year mission, funded at $242 million, […]

NASA exchanges tweets with Ariana Grande over her song

Washington: Pop star Ariana Grande’s new song “NASA” has led to an exchange of tweets between the US space agency and the singer. “Hey @ArianaGrande, we saw ‘NASA’ trending this morning and thought it was about one of our new discoveries. But we realised that you might need some space,” NASA tweeted along with an […]

Hubble finds dwarf galaxy in our cosmic neighbourhood

Washington: Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have discovered a dwarf galaxy in a globular cluster which is only 30 million light-years away. The team used the NASA/ESA (European Space Agency) telescope to study white dwarf stars within the globular cluster NGC 6752. The aim of their observations was to use these stars to measure the age […]

NASA solar probe to make closest approach to Sun in April

Washington: Just 161 days after its launch, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has completed its first orbit of the Sun and has now begun the second of 24 planned orbits, which will mark its closest approach to the Sun in April, the US space agency has said. Launched on August 12, the Parker Solar Probe, NASA’s […]

NASA's Opportunity rover might have 'died' on Mars

Washington: NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover that went into hibernation last June after a massive dust storm blocked sunlight from reaching its solar panels to generate power, might have “died”, fear scientists. Opportunity’s last communication with Earth was received June 10, 2018, as a planet-wide dust storm blanketed the solar-powered rover’s location on the western rim […]

NASA replaces astronaut for 1st Boeing mission to ISS

Washington: The US space agency has replaced one of the astronauts assigned to fly on the first crewed test launch of a first-time Boeing capsule to take passengers to the International Space Station (ISS). NASA announced late Tuesday that astronaut Eric Boe will no longer fly on the mission owing to unspecified “medical reasons.” NASA […]

NASA's asteroid sampling probe snaps picture of Earth

Washington: NASA’s first asteroid-sampling mission OSIRIS-REx has captured an incredible image of the Earth, the media reported. The image was captured on December 19, 2018, days before Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) went into orbit around Bennu on New Year’s Eve, the Daily Mail reported. Bennu is the smallest ever celestial body […]

NASA spacecraft's first orbit around asteroid Bennu breaks record

Washington: Breaking a space exploration record on New Year’s Eve, NASA’s first asteroid-sampling mission, OSIRIS-REx, entered into orbit around the Bennu, making it the smallest object ever to be orbited by a spacecraft. Inching around the asteroid at a snail’s pace, OSIRIS-REx’s first orbit marks a leap for humankind. Never before has a spacecraft from […]

NASA's New Horizons gets ready for Ultima Thule flyby on Tuesday

Washington: NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is inching closer to creating history once again as it approaches for a close encounter of the ancient Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU69 – nicknamed Ultima Thule – on New Year’s Day. The Ultima flyby on January 1 will be the first-ever close-up exploration of a small Kuiper Belt object […]

Data breach hits NASA, employees' personal information at risk: Report

San Francisco: Personal information of some of current and former employees at NASA may have been stolen in a data breach that hit the US space agency in October this year, a media report said. In an internal memo sent to employees on Tuesday and published by US-based space news portal SpaceRef.com, NASA admitted to getting […]

NASA's InSight sends back first selfie on Mars

Washington: Barely two weeks after touching down on Mars, NASA’s InSight lander has taken its first selfie using the spacecraft’s robotic arm, the US space agency has said. InSight landed safely at Elysium Planitia on Mars on November 26, kicking off a two-year mission to explore the deep interior of the Red Planet. On December […]

NASA's probe travels beyond solar wind bubble on longest running mission

Washington: The US-based space agency NASA’s probe Voyager 2 has exited the heliosphere, the protective bubble of particles and magnetic fields created by the Sun, enveloping its planets. This is the second time in history, a human-made object reached the space between the stars, more than 18 billion kilometers from Earth, NASA announced on Monday. […]

NASA spacecraft on course to reach asteroid Bennu on Dec 3

Washington: A NASA spacecraft designed to bring a small sample from asteroid Bennu to Earth is on course to arrive at its destination on December 3, the US space agency has said. Launched in September 2016, the Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) spacecraft has been slowly approaching Bennu, NASA said on Thursday. […]

NASA eyes return to Moon, to announce partnerships with US companies

Washington: After the historic InSight touchdown on Mars, NASA is now set to focus on Moon mission by announcing new partnerships with American companies, the US space agency said. Working with US companies is the next step to achieving long-term scientific study and human exploration of the Moon and Mars, NASA said in a statement […]

NASA detects smiley in new galaxy

Washington: NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has captured a formation of galaxies that looks like a smiling face, said the US space agency. On Saturday, it posted an image on its Instagram handle that showed two yellow orbs above an arc of light — painting a smiley face in space. Asking its followers to find the […]

NASA's Dawn mission to asteroid belt ends

Washington: NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has gone silent, ending an 11-year-old historic mission to explore the two largest bodies in the main asteroid belt, Vesta and Ceres, the US space agency said. Dawn missed scheduled communications sessions with NASA’s Deep Space Network on October 31 and November 1. After the flight team eliminated other possible causes […]

NASA bids goodbye to planet-hunting Kepler space telescope

Washington: NASA has decided to retire its Kepler space telescope that discovered more than 2,600 planets and ran out of fuel needed for further science operations. Working in deep space for nine years, Kepler discovered planets from outside the solar system, many of which could be promising places for life. The spacecraft will be retired […]

NASA calls for science payloads for delivery to Moon

Washington: In line with its plan to conduct more research on the Moon’s surface ahead of a human return, NASA has issued a call for science instruments and technology payloads that will fly on commercial lunar landers as early as next year or 2020. This call is specifically geared towards small payloads that can be […]

NASA's Parker Solar Probe sends back first images

Washington: Just over a month into its seven-year mission to touch the Sun, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has beamed back the first-light data from each of its four instrument suites, the US space agency said. On September 9, Wide-field Imager for Solar Probe’s (WISPR) — the only imager on the probe — door was opened, […]

Hubble's new campaign to observe early galaxy formations

Washington: Hubble Space Telescope has embarked on a new campaign to help astronomers better understand the distribution of galaxies in the early universe and the conditions that led to their formation, the US space agency has said. The new observing campaign, called Beyond Ultra-deep Frontier Fields And Legacy Observations (BUFFALO), will observe six massive galaxy […]

kepler telescope
Planet hunting Kepler telescope wakes up again: NASA

Washington: NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler space telescope has woken up from yet another slumber and begun collecting science data again, the US space agency has said. It began collecting science data on August 29 for its 19th observation campaign. “After being roused from sleep mode, the spacecraft’s configuration has been modified due to unusual behaviour exhibited […]

US Senate confirms Jim Bridenstine as new NASA chief

Washington: The US Senate has confirmed President Donald Trump-nominated Representative Jim Bridenstine to lead the US space agency. The Senate narrowly on Thursday voted 50-49 on partisan lines to confirm Bridenstine to serve as NASA’s 13th administrator. Bridenstine, a pilot in the US Navy Reserve and former executive director of the Tulsa Air and Space […]

Newly rediscovered IMAGE probe was a discovery machine: NASA

Washington: While NASA continues to learn about the state of its newly rediscovered IMAGE mission, the US space agency has said that the spacecraft proved to be a “discovery” machine and during nearly six years in operation, it provided robust research about the space around Earth. The data collected during its years of operation led […]