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Brutal Killing Of Pregnant Dog In Bhubaneswar Sparks ‘Justice For April’ Movement In Odisha

Bhubaneswar: “Could You Do It To Any Other Woman What You Did It To Her?” These words of rage are still smouldering inside people of Odisha who are now coming forward to express solidarity with the pregnant dog that was brutally killed by a woman and her neighbour in Bhubaneswar last month. From civil societies […]

It couldn’t have been more cruel for April: Woman beats pregnant dog to death, complaint lodged

Bhubaneswar: Women are considered a harbinger of life as they are the humans who give birth. But the same women can become the agents of cruelty and killing, particularly in distressing times of Covid-19, is beyond comprehension. And more so, when the cruelty is inflicted on an animal that doesn’t have the power to resist, […]