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Physical Therapy Better For Low Back Pain

New York: Patients who first saw a physical therapist for low back pain, rather than a primary care physician (PCP), were much less likely to be prescribed opioids, says a study. “To reduce the risks of short- and long-term opioid use, insurers should incentivise patients to see physical therapists or chiropractors first following a bout […]

'High' alarm for Odisha: State 8th in country with 21Lakh alcoholics!

Bhubaneswar: Not the junkst, it’s the fad for beer that has pushed Odisha to figure among the ‘high’ twenty states in the country. And the alarming fact is there are few jingled consumers in State as Odisha figured among the top-10 States in country where the boozers need medical or psychiatric intervention for alcohol-related problems. […]

Anti-depressants raise hip fracture risk in elderly: Study

Sydney: Elderly people who take anti-depressants or opioids are more than twice as likely to suffer a fractured hip after a fall, a new study has found. The study, published in Australian Prescriber journal, revealed that the risk of fracturing a hip was significantly higher among those who were taking multiple psychotropic medicines — mood […]

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Hearing loss before 50 may increase drug abuse risk

New York: People below 50 years who suffer from hearing loss are more likely to misuse opioids, alcohol and other drugs than their peers who have no such disorder, say researchers. The findings showed adults under 35 years with a hearing loss were 2.5 times more likely to have a prescription opioid use disorder. In […]