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NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Completes First One-Way Trip
NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Completes First One-Way Trip

NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter has added many firsts to its kitty. After becoming the first to test power flight on another world and to capture the colour image of the Martian surface, the mini helicopter has now completed its fifth flight with a first short one-way trip.

Indian-American Astronaut In Programme With Eye On Moon, Mars

New York: An Indian-American will be among astronauts who may get a chance to go to the moon or Mars following his graduation from NASA’s programme to train astronauts for those missions and the International Space Station. Raja Chari was among the 11 astronauts who received silver pins on Friday marking their graduation at the […]

Mars Once Had Salt Lakes Similar To Earth

New York: Mars once had salt lakes similar to the ones on Earth and has gone through wet and dry periods, according to a new study. The researchers from Texas A&M University College in the US examined Mars’ geological terrains from Gale Crater, an immense 95-mile-wide rocky basin that is being explored by the NASA […]

NASA rover finds clay cache on Mars

Washington: Drilling by Curiosity Mars rover at a region of the Red Planet called the “clay-bearing unit” has revealed the highest amounts of clay minerals ever found during the mission, NASA has said. The rover recently drilled two samples at rock targets called “Aberlady” and “Kilmarie”, the US space agency revealed on Wednesday. Clay often […]

Mars had big rivers for billions of years: Study

New York: Mars’ rivers flowed intensely and may have persisted as recently as one billion years ago, reveals a survey that found that the red planet’s rivers were wider than those on Earth today. The study by scientists at the University of Chicago catalogued these rivers and found that significant river runoff persisted on Mars […]