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Tag: Milky Way

Recycled Gas From Stars Surrounds Milky Way, Shows Mini Satellite

Washington: Observations made by a small spacecraft called HaloSat have shown that the Milky Way galaxy is surrounded by a clumpy halo of hot gases that is continually being supplied with material ejected by birthing or dying stars. A halo is a large region filled with hot gas that surrounds a galaxy, also known as […]

13 Massive Black Holes Found In Dwarf Galaxies

New York: Astronomers have discovered 13 massive black holes in dwarf galaxies less than a billion light-years from the Earth, says a new study, adding that these dwarf galaxies, more than 100 times less massive than our own Milky Way, are among the smallest galaxies known to host massive black holes. According to the study, […]

Milky Way is about 890 bn times the mass of our Sun: Study

New York: While it is not possible to put the entire Milky Way on a scale, that has not deterred astronomers from trying to make measurements of our home galaxy. According to a new “robust” estimate of Milky Way’s mass measurement, it is about 890 billion times the mass of our Sun. That is equal […]

Stars' 'DNA' could help scientists find Sun's lost siblings

Sydney:  With the aim to find the lost siblings of the Sun, now scattered across the sky, a team of astronomers has collected the “DNA” of more than 340,000 stars in the Milky Way. The “DNA” can help trace the ancestry of stars, showing astronomers how the universe went from having only hydrogen and helium — […]

Planets beyond Milky Way galaxy discovered for first time

New York: A team of scientists from University of Oklahoma has discovered for the first time a population of planets beyond the Milky Way galaxy. The planet population, ranging from the size of the Moon to the size of Jupiter, were spotted in a galaxy located 3.8 billion light years away, according to the study […]

Ultra-high energy cosmic rays come from outside our galaxy

New York: Researchers have found that some ultra-high energy cosmic rays that occasionally hit Earth come from a distant source outside the Milky Way. Cosmic rays are atomic nuclei that travel through space at speeds close to that of light. Low-energy cosmic rays come from the Sun or from our own galaxy, but the origin […]

Chinese space telescope to observe pulsars in Milky Way

Beijing: China is set to launch a space telescope, the Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope (HXMT), to observe pulsars in the galaxy of Milky Way, according to scientists. “We are still not clear about the interior of pulsars,” Zhang Shuangnan, lead scientist of HXMT and director of the Key Laboratory of Particle Astrophysics of the Chinese […]