• Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Topic result for mahanadi

Suicide Bid
Woman jumps into swollen Mahanadi river over ‘family feud’ in Paradip; rescued

After jumping into river, the woman got washed away for some 5 km before she was rescued near Nehru Bangla fishing harbour.

Pick flood will cross Mundali by this evening
Low to medium flood expected in Mahanadi river system: Odisha engineer-in-chief

Around 9 to 9.5 lakh cusecs of water will flow through Mundali by this evening. It will be the pick hour and crucial time.

Hirakud Dam
Mahanadi water level rising; Hirakud Dam to open gates on Sunday

As per the official announcement, Hirakud will open gates for the first time this season on July 23. A final decision on the number of gates to be opened will be taken on the same day itself. The Hirakud gates will be opened at 9 am on Sunday.

Mahanadi Tribunal
Mahanadi water dispute: Odisha seeks 4-week time to submit common format information before Tribunal

As per official reports, Odisha has sought four weeks' time to submit the common information format. The prayer was made on the first hearing on Tuesday after the Tribunal’s field visit to Chhattisgarh and Odisha recently.

Drunk Youth Creates Drama
Stranded ‘drunk youth’ creates high drama in Mahanadi; rescued after 4 hours

Though the team safely rescued the elderly man, they had a tough time to spot the youth as he hid near some bushy areas for long time. Later, he jumped into the river.

Chhattisgarh Opens All  Gates Of Kalma Barrage
Chhattisgarh Opens All 64 Gates Of Kalma Barrage, Hirakud Level Likely To Surge

The state of Chhattisgarh has once again poured oil on the raging fire of its dispute with Odisha over sharing of Mahanadi river water. The neighboring state on Friday released excess water from its Kalma barrage by opening all the gates of the dam. The development meanwhile has sparked fear over rise in water level of Hirakud dam in the downstream of the river in Odisha.

Kalma Barrage
Chhattisgarh opens 64 gates of Kalma barrage; Hirakud water level likely to rise

With the release of the water, the inflow of water in Hirakud stood at 71000 cusecs at around 9 am today. The water level of Hirakud is 603.50 ft and 1.18 lakh cusecs of water is entering Mahanadi through the Kalma barrage.

Mahanadi water sharing dispute: Tribunal to visit Chilika today
Mahanadi water sharing dispute: Tribunal to visit Chilika today

As per the schedule, a nine-member team of the tribunal along with 24 officials from both States will visit Chilika and its mouth region to take stock of the situation.

Mahanadi Tribunal Members At OPGC, Jharsuguda
Mahanadi Water Disputes Tribunal team in Odisha, visits Sundargarh & Jharsuguda on Day 3

It was the third day of their visit and they visited OPGC’s Ib Thermal Power House and the proposed Ib dam project site at Sundargarh.

Kalma Barrage In Chhattisgarh Over Mahanadi
Mahanadi Water Disputes Tribunal visits Kalma barrage in Chhattisgarh

As per reports, on the third day of its second phase field visit, the tribunal examined the barrage and its capacity to hold water. It also reviewed the water level during the monsoon and non-monsoon seasons and how much water the barrage releases into Odisha.

Mahanadi row: Chhattisgarh opens 17 gates of Kalma barrage to 'mislead' tribunal
Mahanadi row: Chhattisgarh opens 17 gates of Kalma barrage to 'mislead' tribunal

Speculations are rife that, Chhattisgarh might have opened the gates of the barrage during non-monsoon season fearing that the tribunal’s decision may go in favour of Odisha once it spots the dry conditions of Mahanadi in places like Subarnapur, Nayagarh and Boudh.

BJD MLA, Debi Prasad Mishra
'Odisha is rightful owner of two-thirds of Mahanadi water'

Mishra’s statement came in response to Baghel’s statement - Mahanadi originates from Chhattisgarh and the entire water goes to Odisha.

Mahanadi Dispute
Mahanadi water dispute: River originates in Chhattisgarh, all water goes to Odisha - CM Bhupesh Baghel

According to Baghel, the Mahanadi river originated from Chhattisgarh and the matter should not have reached the Tribunal.

Mahanadi Tribunal
Will Mahanadi dispute end? Eyes on Tribunal’s field visit; politics intensify in Odisha

There has been a constant drop in the water level downstream of Hirakud Dam. Most of the riverbed has completely dried up.

Odisha’s lifeline, Mahanadi River
Opposition raises Mahanadi water crisis issue in Odisha Assembly

Senior Congress leader, Narasingha Mishra, on the other hand, said that even though two committees were formed, not a single meeting has been conducted by the individual committees.

Mahanadi water crisis deepens, all eyes on Tribunal's field visit in Odisha  
Mahanadi water crisis deepens, all eyes on Tribunal's field visit in Odisha  

While the Mahanadi Water Disputes Tribunal is all set to conduct a field visit in neighbouring Chhattisgarh, all eyes are now on the preparedness of Odisha government to furnish impactful fact and figures to help strengthen the case in its favour.

Mahanadi Tribunal
Mahanadi Tribunal to visit Chhattisgarh; 'Hirakud stares at dead storage level’

Senior BJP leader Bijoy Mohapatra, on the other hand, today targeted the Odisha government and expressed concern over severe water crisis in Hirakud dam.

Kalma barrage in Chhattisgarh throttles Mahanadi water flow to Odisha

The flow of the river has slowed down and it has completely dried up at several places like Subarnapur, Nayagarh and Boudh. 

Kalma Barrage In Chhattisgarh Over Mahanadi
Mahanadi Water Disputes Tribunal to conduct field visit on March 15

The technical teams and assessors appointed in connection with the water dispute between Odisha & Chhattisgarh will accompany the tribunal members during the visit.

Gharial With GPS Device Found Dead On Mahanadi Banks In Sambalpur

A gharial crocodile was found dead on the banks of Mahanadi river near Marwari Pada Ghat in Sambalpur yesterday (Sept 12). The carcass was recovered from the water body by local people. A GPS tracking device was found attached to the gharial’s tail. Forest officer who reached the spot informed that it might have come up from Satkosia.