Vikash Sharma

A group of fishermen and a rescue team on Tuesday saved the life of a woman, who had allegedly jumped into Mahanadi river in Paradip.

As per initial reports, the woman tried to end her life over family feud. Sources said that the woman had jumped into the river from Bhutamundai bridge. After jumping into river, the woman got washed away for some 5 km before she was rescued near Nehru Bangla fishing harbour.

“Today, we saw the woman getting washed away in floodwater. We immediately alerted our staff and rescued her,” said Sukant Biswal, a member of the rescue team.

According to Biswal, initially the woman did not reveal the exact reason behind her jumping into the river.

“Only after ascertaining the address, we sent our staff to her residence. Later, we learnt that she jumped into the river over some family feud. We have handed over her custody to her family,” Biswal added.

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