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Kashmiri Pandit Shot
Another Kashmiri Pandit Shot Dead By Militants, Massive Protests Erupt In Valley

Massive protests erupted in Kashmir after a Kashmiri Pandit was shot dead by militants on Saturday (15 October) in Jammu & Kashmir's Shopian district.

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  • Sunday, 16 October 2022
Mindless menace of violence in Kashmir has to end
Mindless menace of violence in Kashmir has to end

The mindless menace of violence in Kashmir has to end. We cannot afford another exodus. Steps must be taken to ensure that those thrown away from their ancestral house under death threats return safely.

  • Tuesday, 07 June 2022
The Kashmir Files actress Bhasha Sumbli
Life sentence 'too little' for Yasin Malik, says Bhasha Sumbli of 'The Kashmir Files'

A separatist who masterminded the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the valley in 1989-90, Malik was sentenced to rigorous life imprisonment by the NIA court in the terror funding case in New Delhi on Wednesday.

  • Wednesday, 25 May 2022
After 32 Years, Kashmiri Pandits Celebrate 'Navreh' By The Banks Of Dal Lake
After 32 Years, Kashmiri Pandits Celebrate 'Navreh' By The Banks Of Dal Lake

Various stalls were arranged in order to display the artefacts of Kashmiri Pandits, including typical household items, paintings and many items, showcasing their culture.

  • Friday, 01 April 2022
 Kashmiri Hindu Genocide
ICHRRF Officially Recognises The Kashmiri Hindu Genocide, 1989-1991

Rehabilitation of the victims and survivors and safe zones to practice their faith and cultural traditions. Children should be able to grow and develop with their roots and learn their culture.

  • Monday, 28 March 2022
The Kashmir Files
The Kashmir Files Impact: From Rickshaw Driver Offering Free Ride To Saints Visiting Theaters

The Kashmir Files has now become a movement in the country and many common people are contributing at a personal level to promote the movie

  • Tuesday, 22 March 2022
'The Kashmir Files' Reveals Tip Of The Iceberg
'The Kashmir Files' Reveals Tip Of The Iceberg

At the time of partition of India, Jammu and Kashmir territories occupied by Pakistan today (PoJK) had a thriving Hindu and Sikh population. The table below gives a breakdown of the Hindu and Sikh demography in several districts in PoJK in 1941.

  • Saturday, 19 March 2022
Kashmiri Pandits
Stories Of Resilience: What The Community Did To Stand Up And Be Counted

Amid that tragedy-induced chaos and misery, fight for survival and struggle to get out of the hell-hole like refugee camps, individuals emerged. A majority of the parents preferred to starve but get their children educated.

  • Saturday, 19 March 2022
Pakistan Was Responsible For Exodus Of Kashmiri Pandits From Valley
Pakistan Was Responsible For Exodus Of Kashmiri Pandits From Valley

It took seven years and a coup d'etat for the Pakistani army to reassert itself; and with its recapture of power began a policy of trying to avenge 1971, not by war, but by chipping away at India with a proxy war.

  • Saturday, 19 March 2022
Did Jagmohan Really Fail As J&K Governor In 1990?

Jagmohan took office on January 19, 1990, and Abdullah resigned as the Chief Minister the same day. It is common knowledge that had Abdullah not resigned, Jagmohan would have dismissed his council of ministers.

  • Saturday, 19 March 2022
Farooq Abdullah
Why Farooq Abdullah Is Villain No. 1 In The Eyes Of Kashmiri Pandits?

"Farooq Abdullah, as a tacit supporter of the happenings on the ground was busy playing golf and giving joy rides to Bollywood heroines, before finally choosing to run away to London when Kashmir was burning and a full-blown genocide of Pandits was taking place."

  • Saturday, 19 March 2022
For Displaced Pandits, Jagti In Jammu Is Shelter, Home Is Still In Kashmir

Fleeing from the murderous crowds, the first stop for the terrified Kashmiri Pandits was Jammu. It was a flight which did not happen because of the one-night terror show, it was a culmination of the desperation of the tyranny unleashed against the minorities since 1989.

  • Saturday, 19 March 2022
President Kovind
Delhi Lawyer Writes To Prez Seeking Special Probe Into Killings Of Kashmiri Pandits

There have been contradictions about the number of Kashmiri Pandits killed in the massacre as per the reports by different sources which reveal a vast variation in the data.

  • Saturday, 19 March 2022
Justice To Kashmiri Pandits: The Long Wait Coming To An End!

Kashmir - an integral part of India. The horrific events that unfolded on 19th January 1990 were particularly vicious. On that fateful day, mosques issued declarations that the Kashmiri Pandits were Kafirs. The Pandits were given three options. LEAVE, CONVERT OR DIE!

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  • Thursday, 17 March 2022
'The Kashmir Files Aims To Empower India's Soft Power Diplomacy As Hollywood Shaped US Into Superpow
'The Kashmir Files Aims To Empower India's Soft Power Diplomacy As Hollywood Shaped US Into Superpower' 

Amid the change in the present world order, as the entire globe starts to realise the India's rise as an unstoppable power, we also continue to face numerous attacks from all around. And one of the most sensitive issues which have been used to target India is the Kashmir issue, said Vivek.

  • Monday, 14 March 2022