Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • The Kashmir Files has now become a mass movement.
  • Common people are promoting the movie at their own level

The Kashmir Files has now become the movie of the people. While the flick was not promoted on big platforms, now people are promoting it, spreading a good word about it and as a result, it has come closer to becoming one of the biggest hits of all time, almost next to Baahubali 2.

For many, the movie has been like a movement that needs to be taken further ahead and everyone, who has been impressed by the way Vivek Agnihotri has presented the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits, is doing his bit to support it in one way or the other.

One of the rickshaw drivers has pledged that he will give free rides to all the passengers who are going to the theaters to watch The Kashmir Files. A video showing the rickshaw driver surfaced on Twitter recently in which he says, “Hum free mein chod rahe hai. Hum nahi lenge. Duniya sab kuch kar rahi aur dekhna chahiye yeh sab kuch. Har Hindu ko dekhani chahiye. Iske liye jan seva karenge. Yeh film jo dekhane ayenge unki sewa mein hum lag gaye hai.”

Generally, Hindu saints are not seen visiting cinema halls to watch movies. But a group of few saints, all in their saffron robes surprised everyone by coming to the theaters just to watch The Kashmir Files. The group went to the multiplex located in Muzaffarnagar to watch this film.

Even the saints from the Udupi Math watched the movie in the cinema hall which is a very rare thing. Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust committee member Udupi Peejavar Swamiji and Kaniyur Swamiji came to the cinema hall to watch the Anupam Kher, Pallavi Joshi, and Mithun Chakraborty-led movie.