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Gold Ornaments Of Lord Jagannath
Puri: Gold Ornaments Of Lord Jagannath To Be Repaired Before Rath Yatra

Various gold ornaments of Lord Jagannath and his brother Lord Balabhadra, which the Deities adorn during 'Suna Besha', will be repaired soon

Rath Yatra: Stage set for Suna Besha of Holy Trinity in Puri

Puri: Millions congregated in the pilgrim town on Friday to witness Bahuda Yatra, the homecoming of the Holy Trinity. Today, the sibling deities of Puri Srimandir- Lord Balabhadra, Lord Jagannath and Devi Subhadra will be adorned with gold ornaments also known as the Suna Besha (Raja or Rajadhiraja Besha) atop their respective chariots in Puri. […]