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Tag: Evolution

First photosynthesis took place 1.25 billion years ago: Study

Toronto: The process of photosynthesis in plants first took place 1.25 billion years ago, finds a study that identified an algae fossil, believed to be the world’s oldest known direct ancestor of modern plants and animals. The study could resolve a long-standing mystery over the age of the fossilised algae — Bangiomorpha pubescens — which […]

New species can develop in just two generations: Study

New York: A study of birds, which live on the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean, has shown direct genetic evidence that new species can arise in just two generations. The findings, published in the the journal Science, are based on a study of a “strange” bird that arrived on a remote island in the […]

Homo sapiens emerged 350,000 years ago: Study

Washington: Genetic data from seven humans who lived 2,500 years ago in South Africa suggest that Homo sapiens arose 350,000 years ago, much earlier than previously thought, a new study has revealed. Swedish and South African scientists managed to identify the genetic sequence of the remains of three hunter-gatherer individuals who lived between 2,300 and […]

Human skull hole evolved with walking on two legs

New York: The evolution of human skull took place along with two-legged walking, researchers have confirmed. Compared with other primates, the large hole at the base of the human skull where the spinal cord passes through, known as the foramen magnum, is shifted forward. While many scientists generally attribute this shift to the evolution of bipedalism […]

Single-celled predator evolves human-like 'eye'

Washington: A single-celled marine plankton evolved a miniature version of a multi-cellular eye, possibly to help see its prey better, new research shows. In fact, the ‘ocelloid’ within the planktonic predator looks so much like a complex eye that it was earlier mistaken for the eye of an animal that the plankton had eaten. “It […]