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Tag: Disorder

Hearing Aid
Hearing loss before 50 may increase drug abuse risk

New York: People below 50 years who suffer from hearing loss are more likely to misuse opioids, alcohol and other drugs than their peers who have no such disorder, say researchers. The findings showed adults under 35 years with a hearing loss were 2.5 times more likely to have a prescription opioid use disorder. In […]

Decoded: How eating disorder is linked to brain

New York: Anorexia nervosa — an eating disorder that makes people obsessive about their weight — could alter the brain circuits and impact its taste-reward processing mechanisms, especially for sugar, a study has found. While most people like sweet tasting things, those with eating disorders associate the taste with weight gain and try to avoid […]

Eating disorders may cause long-term health issues: Study

London: Eating disorder among young adults, both men and women, may have long term side-effects on their psychological and physical health, a new study has revealed. The eating behaviour of a person gets upset if the person arbitrarily cuts down the meal while counting on calories and sugary foods. Such people follow an excessively strict […]