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Indian-Origin Scientists Develop AI System To Curb 'Deepfake' Videos

New Delhi: At a time when “deepfake” videos become a new threat to users’ privacy, a team of Indian-origin researchers has developed Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven deep neural network that can identify manipulated images at the pixel level with high precision. Realistic videos that map the facial expressions of one person onto those of another — […]

  • Wednesday, 28 April 2021
96% of deepfake videos online contain porn: Study

London: As tech firms scramble to tackle the spread of deepfake videos online, a new research has claimed 96 per cent of such videos contain pornographic material targeting female celebrities. The researchers from Deeptrace, a Netherland-based cybersecurity company, also found that top four websites dedicated to deepfake pornography received more than 134 million views on […]

  • Saturday, 24 April 2021
Upcoming Twitter Policy To Fight Deepfake Videos

San Francisco: Twitter is working on a new policy to tackle deepfake videos on its platform that will address the content which could threaten someone’s physical safety or lead to offline harm. The micro-blogging platform has asked its users how best the synthetic and manipulated videos can be addressed. “Deepfakes” are video forgeries that make […]

  • Saturday, 24 April 2021
Facebook Cracks Down On Deepfake Videos

San Francisco: Alarmed at the growing forged or deepfake videos on its platform, Facebook has announced tough policies against the spread of manipulated media on its platform. The company said that going forward, it will remove misleading manipulated media if it has been edited or synthesized beyond adjustments for clarity or quality “in ways that […]

  • Wednesday, 21 April 2021
Facebook AI Model Achieves 65% Accuracy To Detect Deepfake Videos

San Francisco: Alarmed at the growing forged or deepfake videos on its platform, Facebook organised a Deepfake Detection Challenge and the results were not very encouraging, as the highest-performing model achieved an average precision of 65.18 per cent against real world examples. This, however, establishes a new shared baseline as the artificial intelligence (AI) community […]

  • Friday, 16 April 2021