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Underreporting of covid-19 deaths in odisha?
Underreporting Covid-19 Deaths: Study Claims Odisha Recorded 22000 Excess Deaths In Apr-Jun 2021

As per a study published in medRxiv, Odisha has reported a massive 79 per cent excess deaths during the period of April -June 2021, which incidentally coincided with the Covid-19 second wave in the State

Breaking: Odisha Sees 40 Fatalities In A Day – Maximum Since The Onset Of Pandemic

Even as daily infections in Odisha hover over 8K, the concerning factor remains the rising fatalities in the state. As many as 40 deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours, the highest ever witnessed by the state since the onset of the pandemic. However, the TPR has dropped to 12.6 per cent, the lowest in a month.

Lowest COVID Death
India Records One Of The Lowest COVID Death Rates In The World

New Delhi: India has one of the lowest COVID deaths per lakh population, the World Health Organisation said on Monday. India’s COVID death per lakh population is 1.00 while the global average is more than it’s six times, at 6.04, the report said. The UK has 63.13 cases of COVID-19 related deaths per lakh population, […]