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Op-Ed: We Need More Like Pramila Mausi, Not less

By Sandeep Sahu When Naveen Patnaik announced Pramila Bisoyi’s name as the BJD candidate from the Aska Lok Sabha constituency, I remember having wondered, like many others, “Pramila Who?” But after a few quick enquiries with those who knew her, I was convinced that this was an inspired – and inspiring – choice by the […]

  • Friday, 30 April 2021
Bolbom devotees injured gas leak mishap
Op-Ed: Tirade Against ‘Bol Bom’ Has No Rational Basis

By Sandeep Sahu Suddenly, ‘Bol Bom’ bashing has become fashionable among a section of the people in our state. As in most other cases, the opposition is voiced by those who never had the experience of being part of it. Do they even know what it takes to complete a ‘Bol Bom’ trip, the toll […]

  • Tuesday, 27 April 2021
Column: Lawyers Can’t Be A Law Unto Themselves

By Sandeep Sahu It’s an extraordinary situation for sure and I seriously doubt if the judicial system in India has seen anything like this before. Just imagine a High Court, no less, as one of the ‘parties’ in a case! It had to the unenviable task of appointing a counsel to ‘represent’ it in the […]

  • Saturday, 24 April 2021
Column: Love for Gold Is Gender-neutral

By Sandeep Sahu The Indian women’s fascination for – even obsession with – gold has long been the subject of much mirth, ridicule and unflattering jokes among men. But what has gone under the radar – perhaps because it’s the men who dominate public discourse – is that Indian men are not far behind their […]

  • Friday, 23 April 2021
Column: Book Jharpokharia Cop Under Sec 306

By Sandeep Sahu Who drove the Rairangpur lady lecturer to suicide? It was certainly not Soumya Ranjan Sahoo, the man who allegedly raped her and was arrested for it – but only after her death. Had that been the case, she would have committed suicide nearly a month back, soon after she was raped by […]

  • Thursday, 22 April 2021
Column: Enemies Before Polls, KALIA, KISAN Now Bhai Bhai

By Sandeep Sahu So, the ‘game changer’ has turned into a ‘game spoiler’! Of course, it was too good to last and had to unravel at some stage. After all, the outgo from the state exchequer on account of just the first six monthly installment of Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation (KALIA) alone […]

  • Thursday, 22 April 2021
Column: Sorry, Mr. Chief Minister, Cheerleading Is Not The Media’s Job!

By Sandeep Sahu Speaking at the annual day function of Prameya News 7 on Tuesday, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said the media, whether print or electronic, should ‘always’ focus on ‘positive news’. But is it really the job of the media to spread positivity? Aren’t our governments, including Mr. Patnaik’s own, already doing a remarkable […]

  • Thursday, 22 April 2021
Column: When Exactly Was The BJD ‘Secular’?

By Sandeep Sahu Those who value secularism are aghast at the BJD’s decision to support the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) in Parliament, even after its suggestion to include Sri Lanka in the list of countries from where minorities have fled into India due to religious persecution, was rejected. But frankly, this writer cannot understand why […]

  • Thursday, 22 April 2021
Column: BJD Is Not Just ‘Dependent’ On Naveen; He Is Indispensable To It

By Sandeep Sahu Did he mean it? Or was he just being disingenuous? It was, of course, magnanimous of Biju Janata Dal (BJD) supremo Naveen Patnaik to claim, while addressing the 22nd foundation day celebrations of the BJD on Thursday, that the party was not ‘dependent’ on him for its survival and growth. But was […]

  • Wednesday, 21 April 2021
Column: Has Pradeep Majhi Started Thinking Of Life Beyond Congress?

By Sandeep Sahu Pradeep Majhi is the last person you would expect to say the kind of things for which he has been at the centre of media attention for over 36 hours now. He is even more unlikely to stubbornly defend what he was caught saying on camera during the 12-hour Nabarangpur bandh organized […]

  • Wednesday, 21 April 2021
Column: We, The People, Are Barking Up The Wrong Tree

By Sandeep Sahu It’s far from over. Three staff of the Esplanade mall in Bhubaneswar, including the lady sales manager who allegedly led the attack on Argus TV journalists Swati Jena and Pramod Mohapatra on Saturday, may have been arrested in view of the rare show of strength and solidarity by the media fraternity. But […]

  • Wednesday, 21 April 2021
Column: Tipplers Submit 7-Point Charter Of Demands To Govt

By Sandeep Sahu To The Hon’ble Chief Minister, Odisha Sir, On behalf of the Tipplers’ Association of Odisha, I express our sincerest gratitude to you for your kind decision to allow liquor shops and bars in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Puri to stay open till 1 am on January 1 in ‘public interest.’ The decision is […]

  • Wednesday, 21 April 2021
Column: How About A ‘Cold Store Mission’?

By Sandeep Sahu The visuals say it all! A bag of onion falls off a truck carrying the stuff from Nasik to Sambalpur near Debahal in Bargarh district and there is a stampede of sorts!! People stop their cars bang in the middle of the road and start picking up as much of the onion […]

  • Wednesday, 21 April 2021
Column: Gender Equality: We Need Equitable Division Of Labour, Not Cooking Work

By Sandeep Sahu My late mother, I am sure, would have certainly balked at the proposition. She would have been positively horrified at Twin City Commissioner of Police (CP) Sudhansu Sarangi’s exhortation to young women the other day not to marry those who don’t know cooking. A member of the old school, she enjoyed nothing […]

  • Wednesday, 21 April 2021
Column: Do Rape-Murder Convicts On Death Row Deserve Any ‘Mercy’?

By Sandeep Sahu It’s not over yet. Before we exult that “Justice has finally been done to Nirbhaya’, let us not forget that the four beasts who brutalized the 22-year old paramedic on a cold evening in Delhi seven long years ago still have the option of filing a curative petition against their death sentences. […]

  • Wednesday, 21 April 2021