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Health Experts Sound Serious Warning Over Overuse Of Antibiotics In Odisha
Health Experts Sound Serious Warning Over Overuse Of Antibiotics In Odisha

The experts highlighted that people more often tend to purchase medicines from the stores without necessary and proper advice from doctors and take antibiotics even for simple allergies or infections. Parents even do not hesitate to give antibiotic drugs to their children with hopes of effective treatment. 

  • Sunday, 14 November 2021
Only 13% of outpatient antibiotic prescriptions appropriate: Study

New York: Researchers have found that only 13 per cent of outpatient antibiotic prescriptions were appropriate. The study, published in The British Journal of Medicine (BMJ), also found that 23 per cent of outpatient antibiotic prescriptions were inappropriate and 28 per cent were not associated with any diagnosis code at all — suggesting that the […]

  • Friday, 09 July 2021
Even low levels of antibiotics in chicken can cause bacterial resistance

New York: Even negligible levels of antibiotics in chicken blood can cause bacterial resistance and sicken people with hard-to-treat infections, suggests new research based on a study of antibiotic resistance in leech’s gut. Microbiologists have long known that the overuse of antibiotics in people and animals leads to antibiotic resistance or the proliferation of germs […]

  • Thursday, 08 July 2021
How your toothpaste can contribute to antibiotic resistance

Sydney: A common ingredient found in toothpaste and handwash may contribute to antibiotic resistance in body, warns a new study. A compound named triclosan, used in more than 2,000 personal care products which we use almost daily, may be increasing the spread of antibiotic resistance, the study said. “These chemicals are used in much larger […]

  • Wednesday, 07 July 2021
Excessive hygiene can cause antibiotic resistance

London: While maintaining hygiene is good for health, excess cleanliness could lead to antibiotic resistance often resulting to death and illness as well, suggests a new study. Comparing all existing microorganisms and antibiotic resistances, the researchers at Austria’s University of Graz, showed that microbial diversity decreases in areas with high levels of hygiene and the […]

  • Monday, 03 May 2021
Antibiotic resistance key area for US-India ties: Juster

Kolkata: Describing antibiotic resistance as one of the most important global health issues, a US envoy on Monday said it was a key area for US-India collaboration. “Antibiotic resistance is one of the most important global health issues of our times. Global cooperation to tackle antimicrobial resistance is essential and is a key area for […]

  • Sunday, 25 April 2021