Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Argentina star Lionel Messi and Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo are undoubtedly two greatest modern-day footballers. We have seen how fans of these two football superstars keep themselves engaged in debate on ‘GOAT’ over various social media platforms. 

Though both the superstars are not rated as best friends, they have always been kind to each other. However, they rarely make appearances together as they play for different teams in different leagues, and do not get many opportunities to play against each other either. 

So when Messi and Ronaldo drop a picture together at the same time, it is bound to make heads turn. And it did too. Fans went crazy when Messi dropped a photo with Ronaldo recently as part of a promotional event. 

In the picture, both the superstars are looking dashing. The clash this time is not for football; rather it was a game of chess.


A post shared by Leo Messi (@leomessi)

The picture spread like wildfire within seconds. The photo posted from Messi’s account has garnered over 23 million likes so far. The reaction certainly tells about the great rivalry the stars share and their fan base as well.

Notably, Messi has never won a World Cup in his lifetime. It is the only trophy missing in his cabinet. Ronaldo too has not won a World Cup in his career. Both Argentina and Portugal are strong squads in this FIFA World Cup and will be tough to beat.