Gill alleges FIH, IOA and HI nexus

New Delhi: A day before the “final” merger meeting between Hockey India and Indian Hockey Federation, former IHF president K.P.S. Gill on Sunday alleged a “nexus between the world governing body FIH, IOA and HI” which he said is detrimental for the game in the country.

Sports Minister Ajay Maken has given an ultimatum to HI and IHF to agree to the merger of the two bodies in their meeting tomorrow or else the government would take a decision on its own. But Gill said some crucial issues remained to be sorted out first.

“I am not against merger but whenever we meet the sports ministry officials tell us to forget about the past. How can you forget the past and take corrective measures about the future?” Gill asked.

“But everything needs to be sorted out first. There has been a lot of mistrust and it’s not from our end,” said Gill, the current IHF Advisor.

Predictably, Gill was miffed with International Hockey Federation stance of not giving official sanction to World Series Hockey and launched an attack on the FIH for getting into a nexus with IOA in promoting HI.

“Nimbus has promised to pump in something to the tune of Rs. 180 crore which is more than our sports budget. And don’t forget the bulk of sports budget is spent on paying the SAI employees. For WSH, the players will at least be getting a good remuneration,” Gill said.

“There is a nexus bewteen FIH and IOA to promote HI,” he added.

He also attacked HI secretary Narinder Batra, calling him “two-vote Batra” and alleged that he is enjoying power without mandate.