Village split by Odisha-Chhattisgarh border, spills a dichotomy

Bhubaneswar/Koraput: Nothing can present the vivid dichotomy of governance better than the Chandili village under Kotpad block of Koraput district which is divided by a pucca road from Dhanpunji village that falls under the jurisdiction of Chhattisgarh government.

Being a single village, the road has not only given two names to the village but also two identities. Dhanpunji villagers reportedly avail benefits like agriculture loan waiver, 50 per cent electricity bill subsidy and 100 per cent electricity subsidy for agricultural purposes. Besides, the ration card holders of the village get 35 kg rice, three litre of kerosene, one kg sugar, two kg pulses and two kg salt.

On the other hand, the Chandili villagers allege that they get only five kg rice and two litre kerosene from the Odisha government. Besides, Chandili is far behind Dhanpunji in education and healthcare services. Chandili panchayat, which comprises 13 villages, doesn’t have even a high school. Students of this panchayat reportedly depend on the educational institutions in Dhanpunji after completing primary education.

Meanwhile, such disparity has reportedly forced people to become a part of Dhanpunji instead of Chandili. However, Kotpad MLA Padmini Dian said that she will apprise the Odisha government about the demands of the Chandili people.

“As compared to the facilities given by the Chhattisgarh government, we are getting only 10 per cent benefits. Sometimes we feel like it is better to leave Odisha,” said a resident of Chandili.

Speaking on the matter MLA Padmini Dian said, “I will put the demands of people of this region before the State government and ensure they are fulfilled on a pilot basis.”