Umerkote:Red posters start BJD-BJP tussle

Umerkote: While high-profile campaigning for the by-poll for the assembly seat to be held on Wednesday has come to an end, the ruling BJD and BJP have now joined in a slanging match over the appearance of Maoist posters threatening voters not to cast ballots in favour of BJD. Maoist posters in  large numbers have appeared in Raighar and Eri areas threatening voters to chop off hands in case they vote for the BJD candidate Subhas Gond.

No sooner had the posters appeared in Raighar and Eri areas when the BJD started accusing the BJP. The BJD has said that it was the handiwork of the BJP to frighten the voters. The Nawarangpur district president of BJD Jayadev Parida argued that same sort of posters had appeared in neighbouring Chhatisgarh and the chief minister of the state and BJP leader Raman Singh had come to campaign for the party`s candidate Dharmu Gond. Jayadev hence claimed that the BJP was involved behind the poster campaign against the BJD to create fear among the voters.

Such posters had previously appeared twice in Umerkote. On both the occasions, the target was the BJD. Most importantly police suspected Maoist hand behind the killing of Jagabandhu Majhi whose untimely death necessitated the by-poll.

The BJP however has strongly denied the accusations made by the BJD. Senior BJP leader and former minister Jayanarayan Mishra countered,"The BJP is in no way involved in the poster campaign by the Maoists against the BJD. It is the BJD which is hand in glove with the Maoists and not the BJP".