Special care to protect animals from heat

Rourkela: Special care has been taken to protect the animals and birds from the scorching heat in Indira Gandhi (IG) park of Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP).

The park, described as the second largest integrated zoo in Orissa, houses about 80 animals and birds belonging to 14 species. The cages of all the animals and birds are being sprayed with water which keeps their dwelling cool and 24-hours water supply for all birds and a few animals.

The animals are also given glucose and rehydration solution along with food which is specially prepared as per their diet. Feeding of seasonal fruits to animals and birds and their dwellings are cleaned on regular basis with medicinal disinfectants, officials said.

The special precautions has been taken to avoid dehydration, sunstroke and other problems which they might face in summer, including endangered and sensitive species like sloth bear and sambar deer, RSP sources said.