Save the corridors and stray elephants

Bhubaneswar: OTV’s Save Elephant Campaign in their visit to Dhenkanal district hit upon a grim scenario of vanishing jungles and stray elephants posing threat to the lives of the villagers.

The campaign team found out that it has become very risky to venture out of one’s home in the evening as one might run into some herd of elephants on the prowl.

In Dhenkanal district, while 37 elephants succumbed to death during last eight years; 13 elephants and 20 people lost their lives in last year alone.  

“The highly-courveous south Rengali canal in Dhenkanal district moving in a serpentine manner has affected the elephant corridors and restricted the movement of the elephants,” said wildlife experts.

It s the mindless industrial activities, iron mines and rapid urbanization which have contributed to the natural loss of the corridors of elephant population.

It’s not the stray elephants that chase the villagers, sometimes villagers chase the elephants leading to the man-elephant conflict in which at least 20 people died last year.  Among 37 elephants that died during last eight years, two were electrocuted and one died of food poisoning. And of 13 elephants that died last year, six were babies.