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Remuna-NH5 Bypass Road In A Shambles, Cries For Repair

Balasore: Despite tall claims of the state and the central governments about connecting places through roads constructed under various schemes, most existing roads in the interiors are in dire straits. A case in point is the bypass road connecting Remuna Balagopalpur and NH-5 at Remuna circle.

Though residents of 25 villages depend on the road for their daily commute, the road has turned deadly with large potholes and muddy patches on long stretches.  Add to it heavy vehicles that ply on the road for carrying materials to the nearby factories thus causing more damage to the roads.

While during summers, the road raises dust leading to pollution, monsoons add to the misery by making it slippery. Apart from the danger the students face while using the road to go to schools and colleges, water logging in potholes make the road prone to accidents.

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“The goods trucks damage the road and water logging increases. As a result, we are unable to go to school most of the days,” said Ratan Singh, a student.

“Thousands of residents depend on this road. Neither vehicles can run on it properly nor is it suitable for walking. Our livelihoods are gravely affected because of this,” Soubhagya Ranjan Barik, a resident, stated.

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The road that was under the IDCO jurisdiction has now been transferred to the Rural Works Department. Though large factories and industries depend on this road, these organizations have done nothing to repair and renovate it. Even complaints of residents have fallen on deaf ears.

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Worse, patients who are carried on these roads, face harrowing times. “Whenever a patient needs to be taken to the hospital, vehicles including ambulances refuse to come citing bad road conditions. And if it’s during evenings, it becomes impossible to commute,” grieves Basanti Maharana, a resident.

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