Panel hopes Bench report in 3 months

Bhubaneswar: Justice C R Pal Commission, constituted in 2008 to look into the demand for setting up a High Court bench at a place other than Cuttack on Tuesday expressed hope that it would be able to submit final report to the State government within three months.
“Of course there is a remarkable progress in preparation of the report. But what is troubling is that we are yet to receive complete zone-wise data on the number of cases being filed in the High Court, which is the most vital for us. And we believe it won’t be more than three months to submit the report,” Justice Pal told OTV.
“Though we have already received the other requisite information from different High Courts and gathered data on population, area etc., we are waiting for the zonal data to reach us,” stated Pal. 
The panel, however observed that recommendation for location of the circuit bench would not be an issue, since it would mostly follow the guidelines of Justice Jaswant Singh Commission, set up in the 1980s to fix the yardsticks for setting up new High Court benches.
“If required, there will be a slight deviation on suggesting the location for the new bench,” Pal noted.
Though the original tenure of the Pal commission was of six months, it is now into the sixth year, having got extensions time and again.