OTV Investigation: Online Sex Services Spike In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: There can be only two sides of a coin. Either sex trade runs in Bhubaneswar with little respect to legality, or the rackets seem to be allegedly running right under the nose of the cops. While the Commissionerate Police claims to have busted many sex rackets by rescuing women from rented houses and spas, the local pimps were fearless enough to say that the cops have complete knowledge of the flesh trade running in the capital city.

Slowly and gradually, the flesh trade is spreading its tentacles in Bhubaneswar, through online portals and via different social media including WhatsApp where the brokers would first send photographs of young girls and women to the customers on their number and then fix a rate to settle the deal.

In one such investigation of OTV to uncover the modus operandi of  online sex business, our correspondent got in touch with a pimp (name has been kept confidential) who had been offering services of various Odia and non-Odia women from his office located near Fire Station in Bhubaneswar.

Here’s the telephonic conversation of the OTV reporter with the broker:

Reporter- Got your number from the website.

Broker- This is my WhatsApp number. Ping me there.

R- Where’s your office?

B- Fire Station in Bhubaneswar.

Before our correspondent asked another question, the broker asked him to come online and then sent a few photographs of young girls.

The reporter again called him the very next day.

R- I could not come yesterday. Is your office open?

B- Yes, it is open.

R- Where should I go?

B- Fire Station. You want to book for whole night or short?

R- Short.

B- Ok. Come to Fire Station.

R- What’s the rate for Short?

B- Rs 2500.

R- And for night booking?

B- Rs 8000.

R- Where exactly at Fire Station?

B- Call me once you reach Fire Station.

After reaching the location, our correspondent again called the broker who contacted another person through a conference call. The second person who was also a pimp showed some pictures of the call girls to our reporter.

Here’s how the conversation started..

2nd broker (With photographs of girls): Tell me if you want an Odia girl or some other girl?

R- Let me have a look first.

2B- We have a Nepali. We have an Odia girl with dusky complexion. She is new and the photo you are seeing is natural and not edited.

R- Are all the girls you showed available?

2B- No, I just showed you the ones who are available with us in this area.

R- Is it safe?

2B- Yes it is. Don’t worry. I’ll stay outside.

R- Which place?

2B- Near Baramunda. There’s no problem. The risk is ours.

R- Ok, tell me the rate.

2B- My charge is Rs 2500 including the room charges.

R- Are only Odia, Nepali and Bengali girls available?

2B- We have a Keralite as well. 

R- Odia housewives?

2B- No. The problem is when we send them to clients, they get themselves booked directly the next time the clients call them. So we don’t like keeping Odia girls in our chain.

R- Ok. We are taking leave now.

2B- You can call me once you reach here again. I will take you to the girls.

As per sources, the girl who eventually gets selected would be then taken to the clients. Not only this, these pimps operate a high- profile sex racket as rooms in many hotels were found booked for this business.

Also to give the cops a slip, the kingpins have rented flats in city apartments and running sex rackets.

Meanwhile, Twin city Police Commissioner Satyajit Mohanty has stated that police is aware of the online sex business operating in Bhubaneswar and that necessary steps are being taken to put an end to this. “We have got information on this. Our enforcement squad and other special squads have kept a strict vigil and all those places, carrying out such illegal activities and violating the Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act (PITA) are under the scanner.”