Lok Adalats getting popular in Odisha

Cuttack: `Lok Adalats` in Odisha are becoming more popular as people are getting prompt justice with this alternative justice delivery system. According to statistics available from Odisha State Legal Services Authority (OSLSA) nearly 2.3 lakh cases were disposed off at 3682 Lok Adalats held throughout the state in 2011.

What was encouraging from the annual statistics released by OSLSA is that over one lakh criminal cases were disposed off in the year through the Lok Adalats. Similarly, the statistics also revealed that another one lakh cases pertaining to revenue matters were disposed off in the same period, which in itself is a record in the history of Lok Adalats which came into existence in 1997.

Sources said the most important aspect of Lok Adalats in Odisha was that it offers the aggrieved claimant the possibility of immediate compensation which otherwise would have taken decades to be settled in regular courts.

A total number of 3086 motor accident claim tribunal (MACT) cases were disposed off in 2011 in which a whopping amount of over Rs 43 crore were awarded as compensations to the claimants.

Interestingly, the Lok Adalats also awarded compensations to the tune of over Rs four crore to different litigants in the criminal cases as well. Among nearly 2882 litigants who were awarded compensations in MACT and criminal cases, 1083 were women and 317 persons were in jails as undertrials.

The OSLSA also revealed that 379 benefactors belong to SC and 246 were ST. Eight children were awarded compensations by different Lok Adalats in the entire year, sources said.

The Lok Adalts in the whole year disposed off 647 civil cases and 714 matrimonial cases. Besides, 150 labour cases, 9811 bank cases, 1099 negotiable instrument Act (NIA) cases, 379 writ petitions and 27 land acquisition cases were disposed off through the Lok Adalats between January 2011 to December 2011, sources said.