Lack of cold storage facilities forcing farmers to sell vegetables at throwaway prices

Sundergarh: Despite good harvest of cauliflower, tomato, brinjal and other vegetables, farmers of the district are forced to go for distress sale this year.

Farmers of Bonai area are forced to sell their produce at throwaway prices to traders due to lack of proper facility for storage of crops.

They allege that despite a healthy harvest from a larger cultivation area this season, they are not getting the desired market price to sell their produce due to lack of storage infrastructure which has forced them to go for selling at lower prices.

“Due to the absence of cold storage facilities to preserve the vegetables, we are forced to sell our produce at low rates. If a cold storage is set up in our area, farmers would get benefited” said a farmer, Nityanand Pradhan

“Even though there is a cold storage in our area, it can only store potato and tamarind and at times it becomes difficult to even recover the cost of our labour,” said another farmer, Bhaktabandu Deo.

Meanwhile, the local horticulture authorities have assured to extend support towards the demands of the farmers.

“Lack of cold storages is currently one of the major problems that the farmers are facing. If the proposal to set up a cold storage in the area is approved by the government, it would be a great help for the farmers” said S.N Marandi, an official of horticulture department.