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Devotees witness Navajauvan darshan

Puri: Just three days to go before the famous Rath Yatra to be observed in Puri and worldwide, lakhs of devotees on Thursday witnessed the Navajauvan Darshan (appearance in new youth) of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra after a long break of 15 days.

After the ritual bath (Snan Purnima) of Lord Jagannath a fortnight ago — Lord fell ill for a period of fifteen days and all the daily rites in the Sri Mandir were suspended.

Then the Lord was escorted to a sick room temporarily raised inside the temple called Anasar. During these days, Lord’s public darshan was stopped, as the lord received the secret seva of daitapatis (raj vaidyas).

After a special oil (Phulri) was applied on Lord’s body — Lord manifested himself in a renewed youthful look (Navajouvan) in which the deities went through a complex ritualistic dress-up and their faces applied mostly with natural colours.

For the devotees, breaking a long wait for 15 days, today the darshan for general public was slated for 3.40 pm.

“There is belief that Lord’s darshan on this special day is equated with a year’s darshan,” said a devout visitor who has come to see Lord’s Navajauvan. 

Keeping in view thousands of visitors, all the Puri-bound buses from Bhubanswar were diverted from their usual route. Importantly, the city was put under strict security cover, closely monitored by the administration

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