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Collapse of wall at RSP may spell ash disaster

Rourkela: With the accidental collapse of boundary wall at Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP), the public sector steel manufacturer here on Friday — the fly ash from the plant hit the roads, obstructing the movement of traffic and possibly leading to a more sinister ash disaster.

As RSP’s ash pond was inoperative since sometime; fly ash was being stored near the plant wall. Since it rained hard for last three days, it caused the collapse of the wall, leading to the thick layers of ash on the road.

The road which has layers of ash is connected to the National Highway 23. Since the ash gets mixed with drain water which flows into the Bhamani river, people in the vicinity are afraid that the river water may get polluted.

Besides, there is a general phobia among people here that it may endanger the life and property of the local people; and may create the situation like NTPC at Kaniha if RSP’s ash disposal is not properly managed.

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