Capital turns 64 today

Bhubaneswar: This day happens to be the 64th birth anniversary of the state capital. The population of the city has spiralled to about nine lakhs today while originally it was planned for a population of only half lakh. The state capital was shifted to Bhubaneswar from Cuttack on this day in 1948.

The tag of `City of Temples` still sticks to the capital which was earlier known as Ekamra Khetra. However, there has taken place a sea of changes since then. The skyline of the `Temple City` is today dotted with innumerable high-rising buildings. The ancient city over a period of time has emerged as an important hub for technical and IT education in entire eastern India. The capital city has become the focus for job seekers especially in tecnical sectors and hence there is large-scale migration from from rural and urban centres towrds Bhubaneswar these days.

Major changes ushered in from the 1990s. Education centres, offices of both government and private sectors and new colonies sprouted up on regular basis. Thousands of job seekers started landing in the city not just from different parts of the state but also from the country as a whole. That started adding a metropolitan touch to the capital. Modern avenues like pubs, discotheques, shopping malls and star hotels have given Bhubaneswar a brand new facelift. Old timers often get baffled at the developemnts the city has witnessed within the last two decades.