An anxious wait for loved ones

Bhubaneswar: “I want my son back not money,” were the words of a sobbing mother desperately wanting her son back from strife-torn Libya.
As many as 50 persons are still stuck in the trouble-torn country. The parents of these migrant workers are leading sleepless nights as there has been no sign of their return till now.
The whereabouts of these migrated labourers, who hail from Pattamundai under Kendrapara district and Kani, Mahuria, Guhalakani villages in Rajnagar area, are yet to be traced.
“There has been civil unrest in Libya and people are dying everyday. We are worried about our children,” Prafulla Parida, father of a son stuck in Libya said.
“Many of them have returned home. But they are unable to inform about the whereabouts of our children,” Kishori Parida, aunt of a youth stuck in Libya said.
Meanwhile, Libya-returned workers recounting their horrifying tale said that they had to stay in temporary shelters due to the unrest and were fed only once in a day.
“We were kept in a camp. We were served food only once a day. There was no water to drink and we had to quench our thirst by drinking sea water,” Libya-returned worker Buddhadeb Samal said.
These workers in search of better standard of leaving migrated to Libya after depositing lakhs of rupees.
“We migrated to Libya after depositing lakhs of rupees. But the company that employed us did not return us a single penny and now it has become difficult on our part to survive,” Libya-returned worker Ashok Rout said.