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Who can kill when God alone can save

Khurda: God alone can save, and God alone can destroy. No matter what the situation may be when the Almighty is there to save a living being, none can kill. One such incident has come to limelight in Khurda recently.

During morning walk, a group of local women found a bag lying on the roadside. Out of curiosity when they picked up the bag, their joy met no bounds. Inside the bag they saw a baby boy in an unconscious state, struggling for life.

The child, according to the villagers was probably lucky enough who survived without the much needed food. The story did not end here. One local, Sushant Kumar Sahu appreciating the initiative of the women picked up the baby and rushed to the medical for immediate treatment. Sushant after finding the baby in a serious condition, wrote a letter to the medical authority to allow him take the baby to the Sishu Bhawan in Cuttack.

The medical authorities also wholeheartedly supported Sushant`s plea and did their best to help Sushant out. By God`s grace, now the baby is in a healthy condition.

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