Puri: The Holy land of Puri is known for many historical and mythological places. Great men from all around the Indian sub-continent arrived in Puri drawn by the devotion and faith on Lord Jagannath.

But, the story of Saint Kabir’s arrival in Puri and the famous ‘Kabir Chaura’ is a little different. According to Jagannath researchers and people of Puri, Kabir came to ‘Sankha Khetra’ after an invitation from King Indradyumna who was finding it very difficult to construct the Jagannath Temple because of the Bay of Bengal.

The temple was constantly destroyed by the high tides of Bay of Bengal and no one was able to control the wrath of the sea. When the king expressed his disability, the Lord advised him to take the help of Saint Kabir, whose ‘Asha Baadi’ (A stick which Kabir carried with him) or ‘Kubudi’ can stop the high tides.

Lord Krishna said even he can’t stop the sea waves as he also takes birth in different Yugas as human and advised King Indradyumna to invite Sant Kabir. The lord said only Kabir’s ‘Kubdi’ can help in this matter.

--- Lakhmidhar Das, Mahanta, Kabir Chaura Math

Saint Kabir arrived in Puri and lent his support for this noble cause. He planted his ‘Asha Baadi’ at this very place near Swargadwara. Kabir's 'Asha Baadi' is still there and the spot is a popular pilgrimage site in Puri named as ‘Kabir Chaura.’

Saint Kabir is always considered as one of the biggest devotees of the Lord and follower of the Jagannath culture.

Jagannath culture expert, Surya Narayan Ratha Sharma said “Saint Kabir was a follower of Lord Jagannath. He even penned a Doha for the Lord saying that the idol of Lord Jagannath is amazing and he had never experienced such great things in all the four Yugas.”