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Vikash Sharma

Bhubaneswar: Concerns are now being expressed over the safety of animals at Nandankanan Zoological park in Bhubaneswar after an anaconda died on Saturday. This is the the second anaconda death to be reported in the past three days.

Earlier, one out of the eight anacondas brought from Madras Crocodile Bank Trust had died on Thursday. Apart from the eight anacondas (4 male and 4 female), the Nandankanan Zoological park had welcomed three Nile crocodiles in the month of October from the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust.

Nandankanan deputy director, Jayant Kumar Das said, “We are suspecting that the anaconda might have died due to protozoan or some bacterial infection.”

Already anti-protozoan medicines are being provided to the reptiles as two to three anacondas are also sick, he said adding, “We are waiting for the reports to ascertain the exact cause of death of anacondas. A health committee is expected to visit the zoo and suggest measures to tackle the situation.”

Meanwhile, speaking about the cause of death of the anaconda, Dr Aditya Prasad Acharya of Pathology Department said, "The post-mortem report revealed bleeding in its gullet. We suspect that it died due to profuse bleeding. However, we have collected samples for more tests.”

"If the anaconda died due to infection then there is threat to others snakes because it is the second incident within three days and others are sick as well," said Subhendu Mallick, Honorary Wildlife Warden.

“Seems like there have been some lapses,” he alleged.

An expert team from Chennai will reportedly visit the zoo on Monday to review the situation.

Earlier, death of a few elephants in quick succession in the month of September due to herpes outbreak in the zoo had triggered concerns among wildlife lovers in the State.

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