Devbrat Patnaik

Nayagarh: A pregnant woman was carried on a stretcher for one km in cut-off areas of Kanadi village under Daspalla block here as ambulance couldn’t reach her due to absence of motorable road to the village. The woman, Sabita Jani, reportedly delivered a baby boy in the ambulance while being shifted to Daspalla hospital.

As per reports, Sabita complained of labour pain on Friday following which her family after consulting the Asha worker called a 108 ambulance. However, the vehicle had to be stationed at around one km from the village due to absence of motorable roads. With no other option, the Asha worker with the help of the ambulance staff and Sabita's family members carried her on a stretcher to the ambulance.

Just in a few minutes, Sabita delivered a baby boy inside the ambulance even before she had reached hospital.

Later, both Sabita and her child were shifted to Daspalla hospital while their condition is stated to be normal.

Going by the deteriorating healthcare services in the State, it seems the Odisha government has failed miserably to provide even basic medical facilities to the people in the interior areas. Making things worse for the people are the bad roads connecting these villages.