Odishatv Bureau

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Food Supply Minister Sanjay Das Burma on Sunday said a high-level review meeting will be held on Tuesday regarding price rise of potato.

Das Burma further said the State government will take any decision regarding potato price after the meeting. “Potato price will stabilise in coming days as the new harvest of the tuber is yet to come into the market,” he noted.

Meanwhile, potato price has skyrocketed in the State in recent past due to reluctance from farmers to grow the tuber. As low price is paid to them for selling potato, farmers are not ready to bear losses. Besides, untimely rains are not adding to the woes of the farmers.

Gopal, a farmer, said, “Last year, potato was sown in two acres. But the rates did not go up and we were forced to sell at Rs 3-4 per kg.”

Echoing similar views, Harihara, another farmer said, “Due to the loss last year, we sowed less quantity of potatoes this time. However, untimely rain and fog damaged the potato plants.”

Expressing anguish over the rise in potato price, Srabani, a consumer in Bhubaneswar said, “Earlier, the price was Rs 10 per kg. However, the price has gone up in recent days though the new harvest has arrived. What the common man will eat? The price has skyrocketing to Rs 50 from Rs 30 in the morning.”

Justifying the price rise, Sudhakar panda, Secretary, Odisha Vyabasayi Mahasangh, said, “Potato is being sold at Rs 1,000-1,050 per quintal in West Bengal. After adding transportation and commission charges, the rate becomes Rs 1,150-1,200 in Odisha.”