Saswat Singhdeo

Sundergarh: The Block Education Officer (BEO) who was allegedly eating chicken inside a school during lunch with students who were served dal and rice in mid day meal, has been suspended by Sundergarh collector Nikhil Pawan Kalyan. The suspension comes after a report was telecast by OTV.

A viral video showing such preferential treatment to the BEO Binay Prakash Soy, who was having food with the students of a primary school in Sundergarh district had gone viral on social media.

According to reports, on October 3, Soy had visited Tilaemala Primary School in Bonai block for inspection. During his visit, to check the quality of mid-meal served to the children, Soy along with the school’s principal Triupti Chandan Kisan had lunch with the students.

However, the video circulated on social media shows officials are seated in between the children and purportedly relishing rice, dal, chicken, salad and curry while the students were served only rice and dal.

Meanwhile, Sahay had refuted the allegations claiming that the video is false propaganda to malign his image. He had said that he was served bitter-gourd fry which a teacher of the school had brought in her lunch box instead of chicken which is being alleged.

He had stated that, his statements can be verified by the children, teachers and the cook of the school.