Odishatv Bureau

Puri: Special arrangements have been made for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the Sri Jagannath temple on Sunday.

The temple will be cleaned by 9.30 am and subsequently morning puja ritual and mailam besha of the deities will be finished.

During Modi’s visit into the Jagamohan, students will read out Veda. After paying obeisance to the deities, he will come out through the Behrana Dwara and visit the Bimala and Laxmi temples.

Raghunath Gochhikar, the kaulika panda of Modi and Janardana Pattajoshi Mohapatra will accompany the Prime Minister during his temple visit.

Gochhikar said, “Last time Modi had visited Puri when he was the Gujarat chief minister and BJP campaigning committee chairman. After becoming the Prime Minister, this is his first visit to Puri. As the Kaulika Panda of Modi, I will welcome him after presenting the Shreeanga Khandua and accompany him for the parikrama of the deities. I will also explain him about the Jagannath deities.”

He further stated, “Arrangements have been made for the Prime Minister to have dry mahaprasad and nirmalaya. Besides, booklets on Puri and Shri Jagannath will be presented to him. However, I do not know due to the protocol the Prime Minister will have the mahaprasad or not.”