Odishatv Bureau

Bargarh: The 11-day Dhanu Yatra celebrations came to an end in Bargarh town on Thursday with the enactment of the episode of Mathura king Kansa's death in the hands of Krishna and Balaram.

The largest open air theatre ‘Dhanu Yatra on Sunday concluded with the death of demon king Kansa at the hands of his nephew Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna accompanied by his brother Balaram, who were invited by Kansa’s minister Akrura to demon’s king durbar, killed the tyrant king marking the end of 11-day festival.

Worried Kansa lost his sense after being informed that Krishna was coming to his. Sensing his death, Kansa went berserk. After a brief battle at his durbar, the tyrant with his heavy bulk bleeding all over tumbled down the stairs of his durbar. An effigy of Kansa was burnt marking the end of his tyrannical rule.

During the Dhanu Yatra, Bargarh transformed into Mathura. River Jeera passing along Bargarh town becomes the river Yamuna and Amapali, which is located on the other side of Jeera, acted as Gopapura.

The festival takes its name from the enactment of the episode of Krishna and Balaram's visit to Mathura to witness a ceremony of bow or 'dhanu' organized by Kansa. It is often considered the world's biggest open air theatre.

During the 11 days, Kansa moves around the town on an elephant and imposes fines on people he finds guilty of violating laws.